Bowden celebrated their 100th birthday in 2004.

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2101 - 20 Avenue, Box 338
Bowden AB T0M 0K0
Ph: 403-224-3395
Fax: 403-224-2244

Proper recycling will help preserve our wetlands for all animals, including this wood duck.

Town Services include FCSS, Employment opportunities, recycling, water and wastewater, taxes, utilities and more.

We have provided a list of the more requested Town Bylaws here. Each bylaw will open in a new window. Additional land related bylaws are located on the Planning and Development page.

If you have any questions, please contact Town Office.

Animal Control 02-2013
Assessment Review Board 10/2001
Borrowing Bylaw 01/2019
Business License & Regulations 07/2003
Consumption of Cannabis in Public Places 10/2018
Cemetery 08-2013
Chief Administrative Officer 02-2016
Council Procedural 12-2018 12/2018
Councillors Code of Conduct 05/2018
Disaster Services 13/2001
Disaster Services (Amendment) 01/2002
Fire Services 04-2013
Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy 07/2002
Intermunicipal Development Plan 02/2018
Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Between Red Deer County and the Town of Bowden 11/2018
Land Use Bylaw 08/2012
    Land Use Bylaw 08-2012 Amendment 06/2013
    Land Use Bylaw 08-2012 Amendment 04/2018
    Land Use Bylaw 08-2018 Amendment 08/2018
    Land Use Bylaw 09-2018 Amendment 09/2018
    Land Use Bylaw 04-2019 Amendment 04/2019
Library Board 11/2002
Noise Control 12/2001
Nuisance 04/2014
Rates & Fees 06/2018
Solid Waste Management & Recycling 03-2014
Taxation Rate 03-2019
Traffic 11-2012
Wastewater & Stormwater 05-2019
Water 02-2012

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