Bowden celebrated their 100th birthday in 2004.

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2101 - 20 Avenue, Box 338
Bowden AB T0M 0K0
Ph: 403-224-3395
Fax: 403-224-2244

Proper recycling will help preserve our wetlands for all animals, including this wood duck.

Town Services include FCSS, Employment opportunities, recycling, water and wastewater, taxes, utilities and more.

Snow Removal | FCSS | Recycling & Garbage | Utilities | Municipal Taxes | Town Bylaws

The Town of Bowden invites you to "Come Grow With Us"! The friendly hospitality found in our small town lifestyle is second only to our special amenities, like parks and playgrounds. We have hayrides in the summer and winter too, that your kids will never forget. The Bowden Igloo, our arena, is always buzzing with activity. Hockey and figure skating season is usually booked solid. Town Adminstration and Council take the business of running the Town very seriously. If you have any questions about corporate services, events in the community, your utilities or taxes, please don't hesitate to contact Town Office.

Our Snow Removal policy is based on a coloured route system that allocates priorities to each road (high, medium and low).

The Town of Bowden has a snow removal policy and we aim to remove snow accumulation as efficiently as possible. The policy is based on a coloured route system that allocates priorities to each road (high, medium and low). This policy therefore determines when each street gets plowed (please refer to the snow removal priority map for an illustration of the town routes and their priorities).

Snow Removal Policy
Snow Removal Priority Route Map

FCSS provides assistance for community service programs that build on the strength of the family

The municipal government of Bowden and the provincial government fund programs offered through Family & Community Support Services. FCSS has the objective of building strong communities through prevention, self-help, and volunteerism. The strength of FCSS is community development.

What is FCSS?
FCSS is a program between the province and local municipalities with the objective of building strong communities through prevention, self-help and volunteerism.

FCSS Programs:

  • Are preventative in nature
  • Promote citizen participation
  • Enables local decision making

Programs which have been or continue to be offered by FCSS:

  • Referrals, information and support for adults, seniors, families, children and youth
  • Volunteer Coordination and Support
  • Community Directory
  • Backpacks for Bowden
  • Volunteer Appreciation
  • Community Registration Night
  • Secret Santa
  • Check the town and school newsletters for up to date information on programs and services and upcoming events and activities.

Interested in getting involved in your community? Call the FCSS office to find out more about volunteering and what's available.

FCSS is located in the "Old Library", behind the arena, next to the play structure in Centennial Park.

Box 338, Bowden, AB T0M 0K0
Phone: 403-224-2207 ... Fax: 403-224-2244
E-Mail: Jade Prefontaine

All information and referrals are strictly confidential.

Bowden Circle of Supports - A list of organizations and their contact information.

By recycling as much as possible, you are helping Bowden divert tonnes of waste from landfills.

Can-Pak Environmental picks up garbage every other week on Mondays. Please have your garbage out prior to 7:00 am.

Can-Pak Environmental picks up regular household garbage ONLY. Items such as appliances, furniture or construction materials are not acceptable and it is the responsibility of the homeowner to dispose of non-household garbage. There is a Transfer Station located in Innisfail. For more information, please call the Innisfail Transfer Station at 403-227-3376.

Garbage & Recycling FAQs

  • The cart must be ON THE STREET (not on your driveway, curb, or other) prior to 7:00 am, with the wheels to the curb.
  • Your cart must also be at least 1M from any vehicle that is parked on the street to ensure that the mechanical arm has enough room to pick up the cart.
  • Bins that are too close to vehicles or NOT on the street will not be collected.
  • All Solid Waste (or Recycling) must also be contained within the cart, loose items set beside cart will NOT be collected.

June 1 - Garbage Day
June 8 - Recycle Day
June 15 - Garbage Day
June 22 - Recycle Day
June 29 - Garbage Day

For Town of Bowden residents there are compost bins conveniently located throughout town. These sites are held within concrete containers and only accept grass clippings, leaves, and compostable material.

To make your yard care as easy as possible, tree limbs, tree roots, and portions of shrubs and bushes can be taken directly to the Town burn pit as long as it is un-treated and free of nails. Contact Public Works at 403-224-3621 or the Town Office at 403-224-3395 for further information.

Bowden provides water services, sewer services, garbage pickup, and recycling.

Bowden receives its water from the Red Deer River, from the Anthony Henday Water Treatment Plant at Innisfail. Along with Carstairs, Crossfield, Didsbury, Olds and Innisfail, the Town of Bowden belongs to the Mountain View Regional Water Services Commission. The Town of Bowden provides water and wastewater (sewer) services. When you move to Bowden, you need to apply at Town Office to receive these services.

Water bills are sent out monthly. Water usage is determined by the number of people in your household, the number of water saving devices in your home and how often you water your lawn in the summer. Your monthly invoice includes garbage pickup fees, water/sewer charges, and recycling charges. For more information, call the Town Office at 403-224-3395.

The Town of Bowden now offers Bulk Water Sales. The Pumphouse is located at 24a Crescent. Water dispensed is clean, potable water. More information here.

Does Bowden have direct debit services for Utilities?
Because we are not on a flat rate utility system we do not offer direct debit for utilities; however we are set up for online bill payments with most Canadian financial institutions. The Town also accepts all payments through our debit card machine. Credit card payments are not available.

Important Links
Visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate website to compare electricity and gas prices in your area, view historical rates, or get help resolving water and energy utility related issues.

Taxes are due June 30 of each year.

Assessments are conducted in January of each year with taxes due the 30th of June. Your Assessment and Tax Notice include a Municipal Levy and a School Levy, both of which make up your Total Property Taxes. If you disagree with your assessment, you may appeal to the Municipal Administrator at the Town of Bowden.

Please visit the Town Bylaws page for the current taxation rate bylaw.

Pursuant to Section 311 (1) of the Municipal Government Act, the 2019 Combined Assessment & Taxation Notices for the Town of Bowden will be mailed out Thursday May 16, 2019. Any property owner who does not receive his/her Combined Assessment & Taxation notice within a reasonable amount of time should contact the Town Office for a copy.

The Combined Assessment & Taxation notice contains important information regarding assessment appeal procedures. Appeals must be postmarked on or before Monday July 22, 2019 and must be accompanied by a $30.00 fee. This fee will be refunded if the appeal is successful.

The deadline for payment of 2019 taxes is June 30, 2019. If you require more information or have any questions about your assessment, please contact the Town Office at (403) 224-3395.

Does Bowden have direct debit services for Taxes?
We have a tax prepayment program that allows Town of Bowden to automatically debit your account on the 15th of each month to enable you to pay your annual tax levy over twelve months, from January to December. As long as your tax account is at a zero balance, you are eligible to join the program. Signing up is as simple as bringing in a Void cheque and signing an agreement document with the Town of Bowden as well as a Payors Authorization Form. The amount to be withdrawn will be calculated based on the previous year's levy divided by 12 months; this amount will be adjusted in July of the current year based on the new levy. You are exempt from all penalties as long as you are in good standing on the program.

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